Dry Haemodialysis Concentrates

Our company is an eminent name, which is counted among the top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Dry Haemodialysis Concentrates. We make available Dry Haemodialysis Concentrates of different types such as Dry Granulated Haemodialysis Solution (Bicarbonate) and many more. The formulation of our Dry Haemodialysis Concentrates is done under the supervision of experts. Thus, it is safe to use. It can be obtained from us at a very reasonable price.

Advantages :
Compared with traditional Haemodialysis Concentrates, "Dry Haemodialysis Concentrates" has the following benefits :
  • Reduces Heparin need in dialysis patients (upto 40%)
  • Increases dialysis dose Kt/V (>1.2) and URR (>70%)
  • Significantly reduces clotting in case of Heparin-free Haemodialysis
  • Better Kt/V in case of Dialyzer Reuse due to better clearing of fibres
  • No of Dialyzer Re-use increases significantly (60-100%)
  • Does not cause Thrombocytopenia
  • No Heparin Antibodies
  • Reduces cost of Heparin
  • Significant reduction in bleeding episodes if Heparin is eliminated or reduced
  • No Heparin-related complications viz Osteoporosis, Pruritis, disturbed Lipid Metabolism
  • Significantly less or no clotting in patients with frequent dialyzer clotting
  • Elimination of Acetate-related complications (present as buffer in Concentrates)
  • Anti-oxidative effects
  • Improved acid-base status
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduction of Pre-dialytic Beta-2-Microglobulin levels
  • Improved tolerance to treatment
  • Heparin-induced Myeloperoxidase release causes atherosclerosis propagation not present with Citrate concentrate
  • Can be used in Liver Failure patients undergoing Haemodialysis

Indications :
  • Routine Haemodialysis due to its advantages
  • Active Bleeding employing Heparin-free haemodialysis
  • Suspected bleeding or risk of bleeding
  • Disturbed clotting profile
  • Absolute or relative contra-indication of Heparin
  • Frequent Dialyzer clotting
  • Heparin Allergies
  • Low Platelet count
  • Targeting of better Kt/V with Dialyzer Re-use & increase in number of reuses
  • Pre-and Post-surgical patients
  • Patients with gastro-intestinal bleeding or active ulcers
  • Patients with Haemorrhagic Retinopathies
  • Patients with Acetate-related complications like frequent episodes of hypotension, arrhythmias, nausea, etc.
  • Old, malnourished patients or those getting Haemodialysis for several years more prone to Acetate toxicity
  • Patients with Heparin-related side-effects viz pruritis, osteoporosis, accelerated atherosclerosis, etc.
  • Haemodialysis in Liver failure patients with disturbed bleeding/clotting profile

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Dry Granulated Haemodialysis Solution (Bicarbonate)

Dry Granulated Haemodialysis Solution (Bicarbonate) that we offer is well tested and therefore, is the perfect option on which buyers can easily rely. We are counted among the top companies, which are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Dry Granulated Haemodialysis Solution. It is formulated under the keen observation of